Thomas Edison Famous quote of all times


There is a famous proverb “Tomorrow is my Exam, but I don’t’ care because a single sheet of paper can’t decide my future.” Most of the students these days follow this proverb. This quote is also marked as said by the famous scientist Thomas Edison. I do not know if the proverb is really from Edison and it may even be valid for him, but is it really valid for us people?

I mean to say that we cannot compare ourselves from Thomas Edison. He was a man of patience who even after failing 1000 times, didn’t leave the hope. He had that confidence, but do we have the same? Then, how can we say or validate the above proverb. No, we can’t and we shouldn’t. Instead, we must try to be more real and try to understand the reality.

Suppose, you are going to appear in your final board exams and for whatever reason, you couldn’t appear in the exam hall on time. What now? Isn’t your future compromised? I am not saying that your future is no more and you are finished. It is not like that. But, you have just missed an opportunity to make your future better. So, what are your options now? In general, you won’t be allowed to re-appear in the exam the same year. This means you have just wasted one year of your life.
This article is not aimed at frightening students, but to make them realize the importance of the exams and exam results. Yes, there are many people who have made great achievements in life even if they didn’t score well in their academics, but this is not true for everyone. And if you really want to increase your chances of getting succeeded in your life, you must know the importance of the exam paper.

The proverb if it was really said by Mr. Thomas Edison is meant to give hope to people who couldn’t do well in their academics. The proverb is meant to encourage such people. One must not take it in the wrong way. Hard work is the key to success and there is no shortcut to it.

Let me explain you the importance of a single sheet of paper. If you did really good in your exam and you get very good marks in the board exams, you have an ocean of opportunities. With a good academic record, you will easily get admission in a good college for higher studies, which is not very much possible with a bad academic record. I hope I need not to explain the importance of college education in your career. A good college can give you many opportunities for a good career.
The conclusion is that a single sheet of paper may probably not decide your future, but it can definitely leave some ever-lasting gaps in it. So, you better take it seriously.

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