13 Best Quote To Bright Your Morning Day


Nothing has stopped you from living another day. No-one has stopped you from getting out of bed every morning. That’s how strong you are.

Enjoy these 13 Quote To Bright Your Morning cup of tea

1. “Life isn’t about building walls and hiding behind them. It’s about breaking them down and expanding beyond them!

2. Each morning comes with renewed hope, another chance and a great opportunity to do better than we did yesterday.

3. In the art of democracy, anyone can blame or fame the system but the mission / vision of any system shall be accomplished only if the state of two minds transformed each other with the positive approach.

4. Morning is the best time to thank God. We are given another big day to live and enjoy his daily blessings so live, laugh, cry and make the most out of your life as if you only have today to live.

5. If you live in darkness and live by the light of the candle, then you must understand the language of the flames before they fade and before you light another.

6. To reach your goals, you need to live for only three people: First, God. Second, Yourself. And finally, Nobody.

7. There are those who wake up and say, good morning, Lord, and there are those who wake up and say, Good Lord, its morning.

8. One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.

9. Be thankful for the sound of birds chirping in the morning, it means that you are alive.

10. Know yourself, deal with your problems, work on your weaknesses before you compete with others.

11. You won’t wake up rich but spending so many hours in bed.

12. Don’t buy friends because after your money is finished they will end up being your enemy for free. Invest in real estate instead.

13. We are all the same – we laugh, cry, love and die. We are brothers and sisters here – time to act like family to each other.

Enjoy 🙂
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