15 Best facebook Status Ever

Funniest Facebook Status Ever

1. My ex girlfriend’s status said suicidal and standing on the edge. So I poked her.

2. Facebook should have a “no one cares” button.

3. I wish that I could put my status to what I am really thinking.

4. If your relationship status says, “It’s complicated” then you should stop kidding yourself and change it to “Single”.

5. I’ll change my gender to ‘female’ and my name to ‘Linda’. So when I post an update, people will rush to like them.

6. That awkward moment when you change your Facebook status to ‘single’ and your ex likes it.

7. Facebook is the only place where it’s acceptable to talk to a wall.

8. In the past, when you were angry with someone you fought them. Now you just delete them off Facebook. That’ll teach ‘em not to f*** with you.

9. If you follow me on Facebook, you are a stalker. That’s Twitter moron.

10. Facebook is the only book that we read everyday.

11. If a girl has 550 likes and 394 comments in her picture on Facebook, it can only mean one thing: She’s naked.

12. Facebook should have a “Please stop writing stupid encouraging messages” button.

13. I keep my page public so my haters have something to do.(:

14. Liking your own status is like high fiving yourself in the face.

15. Facebook should have a love button.

enjoy 🙂
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