Why do you think MEN QUIT you?

Have you ever had a relationship that started out well, but steadily got worse after you went steady? Ever had a relationship with a guy who started out totally, completely interested in you… then suddenly got bored as soon as you became official?

Never do the chasing. Men lose interest when the woman does the chasing.

Before you say, “I don’t chase!”, here are a few symptoms:

– You’re always available for him
– You call him up first
– You ask him out and set up your dates
– You PAY for your dates (or at least most of them)
– You ask him questions like, “What are we, really?”
– You keep asking him about your “status” together

If you’re guilty of any of the above symptoms, then sorry

– you’re chasing. And it’s the reason why men lose interest with you very quickly!

Here’s the lesson: It’s the guy’s job to chase.

And not just because it’s a “gender role” or other such hogwash. You want him to chase you simply because chasing brings out the best male qualities in him:

– He becomes more attentive. – He takes more responsibility. – He becomes more affectionate.
– He listens to you more.
– He becomes more hardworking.
– He takes more initiative.
– And more!